Product Development

Our 24-hour state of the art tool shop and experienced mold makers provide the horsepower it takes to handle large, complex and multiple-mold projects. Designing our molds as a 3D solid model and using Cimitron CAM software, we machine directly to the part geometry — providing even extremely complex production quality molds quickly.

Product design

When your product is designed by Global Plastics, it is developed for efficiency through manufacture to end user delivery. Global Plastics designs in an entirely 3D environment, and uses these 3D models to facilitate building SLA prototypes and generating 2D prints, graphical images and data for tool design.

Tool design

As with our product design, our tool design is also developed in 3D to provide models from which tool paths are generated and steel is cut. Global Plastics can both generate and accept a multitude of file formats including SolidWorks, ProE, Catia, IGES, Step, and many more.

Mold flow analysis

Global Plastics utilizes advanced mold flow analysis to optimize the molding process before any steel is ever cut. We can calculate mold filling patterns, injection pressures, optimal cooling layouts and warpage.

Rapid prototyping

GP can provide quick turn prototypes by using industry standards such as SLA, SLS, 3D printing and urethane casting.

Program Managment

Trace the progress of your product throughout the entire process.
The latest project management software lets us collaborate a plan and coordinate workflow throughout our facilities. Our Project Manager monitors all shop activity and updates you as often as you need. We'll even e-mail digital photos of your project’s mold and Gantt chart to help you track the progress of your job. Of course a personal visit is always welcomed, but even if you can't make it, our reporting regimen will make you feel like you have.