Our ISO9001, IATF 16949 & ISO13485 certification signifies that we have the processes in place to ensure you get quality component parts and assemblies. We design in quality — in your product design, in our molds, and into our manufacturing systems. Our climate controlled facility further ensures a consistent, repeatable process and cycle time, which, in the end, is where good parts come from.

Continuous improvement

Consistent quality processes are the reason you can always expect consistent quality parts. We perform a detailed first article inspection to make sure the finished part complies with the engineering specs. Continuous improvement allows us to refine the manufacturing process over the life of your project.

Clear and measurable results

Since implementation of our quality system — a process in which Global Plastics passed its initial certification audit the first time — we have remained a highly rated supplier to many of our customers. In fact, our firm has achieved 0.3% PPM for all parts shipped since introducing our ISO/TS quality system.

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