Tool development and maintenance is critical to most any project. Global Plastics gives you — and your project — the advantage of a full service tooling department in house, enabling total control of the tooling life cycle from creation through preventative maintenance. Our capabilities include CNC machining, programmable EDM, wire EDM, turning and polishing.

Rapid tooling

Even with all of the advances in computer design, sometimes only a real injection molded part will give you what you need. This is where rapid tooling comes in. Our aluminum tooling gives you real parts in a fraction of the time and cost of standard production tooling. These tools provide the capability of low volume production as well, typically up 100,000 parts.

Production tooling

When your needs are for high volume, our production level tooling delivers. P20, S7 and Stainless steel are just a few options for steel selections to give you the longest tool life. We also implement multi-cavitation, advanced gating systems and efficient cooling to optimize the cycle time and provide shot to shot consistency.